film: frost

Aidin Saedi peels back the curtain of modern digital video effects with this magical and revealing short piece from Vancouver Film School.

film: the man who saw a boat

The life of a man living underwater is questioned when a boat floats over his head, in this animated short from Vancouver Film School.

film: flamingo love

This animated short from the Vancouver Film School concerns a caged flamingo and his fixation with a lawn ornament.

film: bump

Man and tree fruit collide in this short created by student Ryan Jang through the Vancouver Film School 3D Animation & Visual Effects program.

african american film festival

Now in its 11th year, the Langston Hughes African American Film Festival features films from around the world and by local filmmakers. From an 18th century epic tale to a black Western, sci-fi, animation, and environmental films, catch these and a lot more at the festival focused on films by and about African Americans.

film: time to go

An elderly man receives a visitor from above in this animated short by Vancouver Film School student Arian Rahimian.

film: the recurrent one

This animated short by Andres Tapeton of the Vancouver Film School takes a nighttime journey through peril and domestic tranquility.

ark lodge cinemas

Ark Lodge Cinemas in Seattle's Columbia City is a locally-owned movie house situated in a former Masons lodge. Molly speaks with owner David McRae about the challenges of operating a movie house.

seattle asian american film festival

Molly speaks with Kevin Bang, Co-Director of Seattle Asian American Film Festival. The 2014 festival February 6-9 at the Ark Lodge Cinemas in Columbia City.

film: quilt

This animated short by Vancouver Film School student Karla Cruz explores the consequences of disobedience.