a house of clocks

Bill speaks with Don Larson of A House of Clocks, the specialty retailer in Lynnwood where the famous "Kit-Cat Clock," a Pacific Northwest original, has never gone out of style.

submitted films: home movie montage

Featuring home movies from PIE viewers! Includes Kirkland's Shumway Mansion, a snowy walk home, the Seattle Center amphitheatre, 9/11 remembrance, and a truthful, toothful home dentistry procedure from the 50s captured on 8mm.

solowheel test drive

Invented in Washington, the Solowheel, a Segway-inspired unicycle, is called the greenest mode of transportation ever. "Barefoot" Ted McDonald shows Molly Spurgeon how it works.

film: snore

An animated film about snoring from Vancouver Film School student Chris Nyarady.

new pioneers

The Dineens, formerly of Los Angeles, leave the glitzy world of show business for a life in the Oregon countryside. They're new pioneers -- people finding comfort and challenges in a new environment.

film: wasabi guy

A 3D-animated introduction to that hot green condiment wasabi created by Vancouver Film School student Chris Ushko.

film: dodgeball

It's David versus Goliath on the dodgeball court in this animated short from the Vancouver Film School, directed by student Nicolas Torres.

the real seahawk

The bird represented in the Seattle Seahawks' logo may not be a seahawk after all. Ornithology Curator John Klicka from the Burke Museum of Natual History and Culture shows us the real bird our team is probably named after.

the first family of pro squash

A local family has put Seattle on the map when it comes to squash. Meet the Khans - three generations of national and international squash champions.

ReScene: beacon hill firehouse

A picture of an old fire station leads to a journey to the top of Jefferson Park and a restored and thriving corner of Beacon Hill, Seattle.